Born in 1947, he graduated from Tokyo College of Music where he studied with Hiroaki Minami.
In 1970, he released the "Creation Series" at Japan-America Contemporary Music Festival named "Cross-talk 5" and Japan-Germany Contemporary Music Festival.
His String Quartet and ?ีd statue for Orchestra were selected in 1974 and 79 respectively as part of the World Music Days of ISCM (International Society for Contemporary Music).
In 1980, Percussion Suite Ten-chi-Shomon was given an Excellence Award at Art Festival of Agency of Cultural Affairs, and Japan Record Academy Award among others. The piece also received such prizes as the าBest Hit Awardำ and "Special Recognition" from record companies.
As a freelance composer, Mr. Tsubonou has composed a wide variety of music from electronic music, orchestral, chamber, chorus, to childrenีs songs, music for television, films, and animation movies.

He is a member of the 8th Cultural Committee, Council for Cultural Affairs, and is also the President of Japan Society for Contemporary Music.

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Orchestral works
I'st statue for Orchestra
Symphony for Orchestra& Creative audience, etc.
Chamber works
String Quartet
Meniscus for Marimba
Festival for Fox king, etc.
Electronic music
cosmos 200, etc.
Traditional Japanese
kalaidoscore, etc.
Woods Symphony for Mixed Chorus, etc.

Constellation I, II for 30 Clarinets, 100 Wood instruments & Double-Bases& Percussions
Convention for Ocarinas, etc.